I’m a sartorial optimist through and through. Ain’t no little cloud gonna rain on my summerwear parade! There are still a few good days to be had from our Great British Summer, I’m certain of it, which is why I’ll always advocate some blue-sky thinking in the wardrobe department – starting from the ground up.

Sandals are just one of the myriad joys that I associate with the warmer months; the heels come off, and the pavement pounding comes out in full force. I want to maximise on what's left of the light-filled days, so I am always on the scout for stylish, flat summer shoes that will help me get stuff done. Here are some of my faves...

Unless you’ve been living in a social media-free vacuum for the past few months, you’ll be familiar with the Moroccan brand ZYNE’s ongoing mission to bring the handcrafted babouche – the country’s national shoe – into the 21st Century. Designer, Casablanca-born Zineb Britel, works alongside female-centric cooperatives in her community to promote the welfare of local women as well the preservation of ancient craftsmanship skills, captured to a tee in the delicate intricacy of the Raffy IV style’s twining woven upper.

Caroline wears Patti slides by Loeffler Randall; Kir cotton dress by Merlette.

Such daintiness is divine for less 'pedal-to-metal days in the capital' and more 'picnic in the park' affairs. However, when I really need to put my foot down, I’ll gravitate towards Loeffler Randall’s chunky Patti slides. They fulfil the sandals brief – but, more importantly, they’ll keep me in a secure footing as I dash here, there and everywhere. I love the crushed velvet texture, as it makes them elevated enough to navigate all kinds of heatwave dress code.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t delight in dressing for the unusually long and sustained warmer weather this summer – but, this year in particular, that enjoyment's downside has been revealed with an ever-more-acute awareness of global warming. Joining the ranks of sustainable pioneers that are tackling everyday fashion with eco-alternatives – from denim, to sneakers, to the act of e-commerce itself – Australian label KITX consciously sources each and every component of its ready-to-wear and accessories collection.

Caroline wears No.9 Flats by Kitx; Kir cotton dress by Merlette.

All of its materials vary between traceable and non-hazardous, meaning that either the raw product itself is certified organic and renewable, or that its processing and manufacture will not damage or contaminate the planet’s natural resources, as well as the humans and animals that may come into contact with it. Kit Willow of KITX's philosophy is one that’s built to last – and her passion and style are both completely inspiring.

Yes, summer may be on the out… But there’s always time to enjoy the last few days of sandal weather! Welcome to the sunny side of the street.

Main Image: Caroline wears Raffy IV slides by ZYNE; Kir cotton dress by Merlette.

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