The meeting of tastemakers in fashion is a beautiful thing destined for cult-worthy heights in a heartbeat. Our latest case in point? A match made in sunglasses heaven (or hell, as it turns out...) between London-based designer and cool-kid-on-the-block, Ashley Williams, and Amsterdam’s accessible sunnies brand, Ace & Tate, who have joined forces to bring us a new Limited Edition collaboration... The ‘Hell Raiser’.

Modelled on the unapologetically bold frames of the early 1980s, the look takes its cues from the maximalist era, while also nodding to this year’s trend of sleek, skinny silhouettes, to realise a punk-in-spirit butterfly-shaped acetate style in classic black (‘Obsidian’) and tortoiseshell (‘Esio Trot’).

Determined to unpick that ‘Hell Raiser’ moniker, we quick-fired a few questions at Ace & Tate for clarification...

What drew you to Ashley Williams for collaboration?
We’ve followed Ashley's career closely for a while; she was a personal favourite of our product designer, who actually worked with her once as an intern.

Ashley’s tone of voice is very on par with ours, in the sense that she likes to be playful with her designs and so do we. 

Why the ‘Hell Raiser’ moniker? 
The ‘Hell Raiser’ is inspired by early '80s eyewear, and its name is pinched from Ashley’s favourite film from same era – Clive Barker's 1987 British horror, Hellraiser.

How would you summarise the style in a sentence or two?
The Hell Raiser is a very distinct frame that is bound to serve looks. It’s made for anyone with a love affair for the ‘80s, who isn’t afraid to make a statement. 

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