Whether you’re heading off-piste in the Swiss alps or simply hanging out en plein air in Swiss CottageMoncler reigns supreme as the outerwear du jour amongst adventurers and urbanites alike. Its iconic puffer jacket – extolled for an unrivalled toastiness in sub-zero degree temperatures – has stood the test of time, going way back to 1952 when it was founded in the French mountains of Haute-Savoie... 

Now, as it moves into phase four of the headline-making Moncler Genius Project umbrella – engineered by CEO, Remo Ruffini, it eschews the construct of seasonal releases via eight collections that are unveiled over a six month time span, care of a roster of design talent – we’re welcoming in its ode to those trademark classics and the brand’s founding year with MONCLER 1952.

A 'poptastic' recollection that sees a spectrum of vitamin-hued styles, complete with XXL logos, bold patches of ski resorts, and embossed comic-strip appliqués, this is Moncler at its most playful. We spoke to Remo, to find out more…

The 2 MONCLER 1952 Collection is a homage to the brand’s founding year, as well as the retro look of the 1980s that marked Moncler’s rise to widespread fame… What is it about this nostalgic approach that works so well for the current zeitgeist?
In the 1980s and 1990s, Moncler made its entrance into the city, becoming a cult brand with its styles’ stitching and ‘painted' effects; Moncler's down jackets became the symbol of Paninaro, the only youth culture to ever be produced by Italy. It was a symbol of fashion at the time. 

With Moncler Genius, all of the designers were to reinterpret those Moncler roots, exploring the brand’s different features of functionality – something that is at the core of Moncler’s heritage. The 2 MONCLER 1952 collection represents a gathering of the quintessential Moncler trademarks.

Tell us about the decision to eschew the traditional seasonality of fashion collections?
Moncler has always adopted a contemporary and global approach to research in its tireless quest for innovation. Adapting to the Moncler Genius plan meant a change of culture in the company from logistics to production; flexibility is particularly important when you think on a monthly basis.

I believe that you should always strive for continuous and uncompromising innovation and quality to establish a constant dialogue with the consumer to meet their needs, while being responsible and respectful. This is what Moncler Genius is about.

What does the future of Moncler look like to you?
I have always worked towards a balanced philosophy and strategy in order to be consistent with the brand’s heritage and DNA. The Moncler Genius project is a creative hub that’s able to reinterpret the spirit of Moncler, going beyond the concept of the season; to me, this is a new way of working and constantly talking with the consumer in the digital era in which we live.

Moncler is continuously evolving, while keeping its roots alive.  It is the integrity of the past that holds the key to a healthy future. 

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