Without a little added something, a simple beige jumper (or white shirt, plain tee and so forth) can look dull and a little lifeless – we’d argue that the perfect way to change this is with the ever versatile neck scarf. However, be warned, having a roster of different ways to tie them will save you from getting stuck in a neck scarf induced style rut – we’ve all been there. Let us guide you through our favourite ways to tie ours.

The Bandana

It can be difficult to achieve a youthful, edgy look with a silk scarf that usually connotes ladies who lunch, but folding it into a bandana shape will do the trick. Fold the scarf in half and then continue folding from one corner until you've achieved the desired triangular shape, then just tie it round the neck. 

The Bow
For a more sophisticated – albeit attention grabbing – look, fold the scarf into a line of your desired width and then tie it around the neck and into a bow for a dramatic Holly Golightly inspired aesthetic. 

The Ruffle
Last up is the dramatic ruffle. Create this look by tying the scarf around the neck several times and then into a loose bow – a bigger scarf is needed to achieve this effect.

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