She splices and dices, frills and extends, all with the deft hand of a master orchestra conductor pulling everything together. She, in this case, is Chitose Abe of Sacai, one of the most exciting labels from Japan to zoom into our consciousness and fill up our wardrobes with her sassy, hybrid pieces.

And now, years after her collaboration with Moncler, she's joined up with another giant in outwear and launched her new collection with the North Face, leveraging the best in their functionally-focused, tech-infused waterproof, thermal and flash-dry performance benefits.

We love the black bomber and white ski puffer jacket in particular because they'll stand the test of time. The best of both Sacai and the North Face worlds collide in these pieces of clothing that will give you more attitude battling the elements than you could ever dream of.

Available in store and online at Dover Street Market