In the wake of the announcement that Pantone has named Ultra Violet as its Colour Of The Year, we think that there’s no time like the present to revel in the purple reign that’s bound to ensue over the coming few months – starting, natch, from the ground up. 

Enter Marais USA; possibly the most ‘gram-friendly footwear label of the past decade, Hayley Boyd’s pretty pastel designs have been making waves with those in-the-know for their artful balance of ‘Patti Smith cool’ and ‘Jane Birkin soignée’. And our favourite pair of this very fine platter? The lusciously lavender Jardin sandals; a sweet, suede duo, which have ‘2018’ written all over them!

Yes, the mercury is plummeting below its farthest depths at the moment and, granted, it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish the difference between nail varnish and chill-induced circulatory failure; but, given that it’s always summer somewhere, we thought we’d adopt a sunny side-up outlook and hit the podiatric pastels hard. 

After all, didn’t Elvis sing ‘you can do anything but lay off of my lilac suede shoes?’ Something like that anyway…