It’s no secret that we regard Loewe’s Hammock bag as a wardrobe, and brand, staple. We’ve even sung its praises from the hilltops before – and for good reason! So sleek and versatile is its design, that you can fill it to the rafters when it’s expanded into a roomy shopper, or fold its clasps together – et voila! – you'll watch it collapse in on itself to resemble a neat, unopened fortune cookie. (It’s quite the bag of tricks!)

And we’re certainly keen to add the new foliage-fantasy print edition to our Hammock collection. Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, has previously cited the work of British textile designer William Morris as a key visual inspiration, and one can’t help but feel that the bag’s vintage-esque leaf motif could have been taken directly from Morris’ archives.

So then, when a bleak wintery day hits, allow yourself to be enveloped in joy at the sight (and scent) of the Honeysuckle Hammock – rich in design, style and, in this case, history!