The secret to a good coat is a touch of drama. Flamboyant embellishments, fiery furs (faux, please!) and nuzzle-worthy shearling are all compelling contenders, however nothing quite beats a plaid explosion. In fact, we’d venture so far as to say that if you're currently engaged in a desperate battle with a stuffed-to-the-brim yet  so-uninspiring winter wardrobe, JOSEPH’s Technicolor dream-duster will be your saving grace.

Experience has taught us that a well-chosen piece of outerwear holds the key to reinvigorating both your closet and your mood (and basically, your entire life! Dramatic? …Us?!). In short, it’s the most reliable uniform around: a good coat can become your look. 

So then, let JOSEPH cloak you! With its heavy collar, retro brown-and-yellow check, and quaint woven-leather buttons, this coat is a ‘70s time portal so mesmerising that it really doesn’t matter what’s going on underneath…

Checkmate! Shop the look here: