Even though the idea of white wedding shoes doesn’t really sound exciting, leave it to the ultimate neo-noir fashion designer with a sense of humour to switch it up. Charlotte Olympia has just launched her first bridal collection of 15 pieces (both accessories and footwear) that are a white take on her signature styles. Our favourite is also the brand’s May Bride suggestion – the vertigo-inducing Vreeland sandal. Its white shantung silk softens the sexy shapes while the six-inch heel adds extra adrenaline to the activity of walking down the aisle. They will add an alternative touch to a classic princess-style wedding dress or complete a more contemporary take on bridalwear – a simple white silk slip dress. And unlike most wedding shoes, you can wear them long after your wedding day. They will look great with your favourite pair of jeans.

Shop the Charlotte Olympia Vreeland bridal shoes at charlotteolympia.com.

Text by Dino Bonacic