I came out of my spin class the other day, and amidst the transformations of all of us red-faced, exhilarated beings, I looked around and saw four other women all in striped tops. It was a bit of a revelation really, sure we're told about everyday classics, but it's rare to see so many women in one room reaching for the same thing.

Make a Statement Breton


So I'm writing a post as an ode to the everyday stripe – these Boden Bretons I'm pictured in are part of my weekly wardrobe. I'll mismatch them with a polka dot trouser, or wear them under a blouse with the sleeves rolled out so the strip peeks out, or pair them with a suit. Boden have a great selection of stripes in every colour and graphic persuasion, and I've chosen a few more brands below and trust me, they weren't hard to find. There are more stripes than you can shake a stick at!

Long-sleeved Breton


Make A Statement Breton


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