There are very few designers who are more of a Londoner than Molly Goddard. Born, bred and based in Notting Hill – hers is a story that’s a rarity when it comes to fashion talent. And in a political discourse that’s heavily revolving around immigration, that rarity becomes a celebration – not just for being quintessentially British, but for producing work that speaks to  women from all over the world. A brand that started in 2014 as an off--schedule London Fashion Week fashion party with friends turned out to be a retail sensation, with Dover Street Market and I.T. concept store in Hong Kong being the first two stockists of Goddard’s ruffled, smocked tulle dresses. Only three years and 41 stockists later, Molly Goddard is convincingly the biggest brand in the group of the LVMH Prize 2017 finalists.

But her charm and power isn’t just the branding. It’s her authenticity. All of her shows are rooted in an aspect of reality – whether it’s a sandwich-making presentation or a catwalk/dinner party hybrid , Goddard takes juvenile silhouettes and typically girly textiles, and creates rebellious garments out of them. Her oversized tulle dresses may seem overtly feminine at first glance, but it’s all about subverting familiar elements and creating a world of her own. The big frock can be worn either with a pair of jeans or just a slip dress underneath, a pair of glitter heels or just some dirty Converse – either to a grime party or a dinner party. Molly Goddard’s fashion is universal, and it just happens to be born in London.

Here’s Molly Goddard’s Because Passport application:

FULL NAME: Molly Mathilda Goddard

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: 16 December 1988 in London, UK

BRAND: Molly Goddard (womenswear)



What are the places in London we have to go to?

Hyde Park for a beautiful open space, especially when the grass is dry and golden and the Serpentine Galleries for good art.

Favourite British meal?

Fish finger sandwich.

Favourite word in English:


Do you feel like a London designer?

Yes as I don’t really know otherwise!

Is the feeling of belonging to a place/nation important to you?

Not really, no. I am certainly not proud of being British at the moment, but I am very happy to be a Londoner – I’d like to believe it is a welcoming place most of the time.

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Text by Dino Bonacic; Images by Lily Bertrand Webb, Kamil Kustozs