Frustrated by the lack of stylish cashmere options out there, Zoë Jordan decided to take matters into her own hands and launched Knitlab, a collection of knitwear, last June. “Everyone loves wearing comfortable, luxurious cashmere but the colours and shapes I found were stale or a bit mumsy,” she tells us. “I wanted to add a contemporary, fashion-forward take on the cashmere market.”

And we think the London-based designer’s knitwear, using a mix of cashmere and wool, is anything but “mumsy”, featuring her signature cutout details at the shoulders and arms. Following the success of her first capsule collection, Jordan is launching Knitlab 2 this month, which includes a new style, the Turing (with elbow cutouts) in blush. Turing? Alan Turing, you say? That would be correct. Apart from her cool knits, we love that Jordan names each piece after a scientist (Galileo and Darwin are favourites at Because).

Another thing we love about Knitlab is that instead of models, Jordan features friends, family and other women she personally finds inspiring to feature in her campaigns. For Knitlab 2, she looked to New York (she worked there as a bond trader in a former life) for inspiration and features six new brand ambassadors including stylist Anita Patrickson, film producer Julia Loomis and musician sisters Miasha and Tora Fisher among others.

“I admire women who live in New York because I consider myself quite tough but found it really hard when I was there,” she says. “It was important to me that they were the kind of women I would want to read about in a magazine – women who are doing interesting and inspiring things.”

Below, we talk to them about their own inspirations, style rules and living in New York.

Anita Patrickson, Fashion Stylist (Emma Watson, Olivia Culpo)

If you weren’t a celebrity stylist, what would you be doing?

I’d be a travel writer and a National Geographic explorer based in the Okavango Delta!

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d probably describe my everyday style as edgy and my “dressed-up” style as minimal. I spend my days moving trunks and on the ground, pinning hems, so I never want my outfit to feel too precious because then I can’t do my job.

Do you have a favourite neighbourhood for shopping?

My little square between Bowery and Lafayette is a hot bed of gorgeous shops. Wendy Nichols is one of my favourites and it’s right next door to Gitane, so you can stop off afterwards and review all your purchases over an Americano.

Julia Loomis, Film Producer

Chasing Tyson, the documentary you produced about the boxing world, changed the way the industry perceived you. What made you take this chance?

I don’t think it was a chance but an opportunity. My responsibility as a filmmaker is to find a common thread between people and to make stories relatable. I want the industry, peers and personal relationships to know that I care about finding a connecting story in all of our lives.

When you walk into a meeting, do you have something that helps you focus?

I always wear this one ring as a talisman. The ring was given to me by my great grandmother. And it was a gift from her best friend and her long-time travel companion. I love the story of these two bold women who, during a time of female oppression, each found a true friend in one another while travelling the world and writing.

What words do you live by?

Everything happens for a reason.

Ann Dexter-Jones, Jewellery designer

What piece from your jewellery line best compliments the Knitlab pieces?

Fabulous as they are unadorned, I wear mine with my pave diamond, solid silver and gold ID bracelets. I just love my Midnight Hour watch bracelet, inspired by Wilson Pickett’s legendary hit, The Midnight Hour. To dress it down, I wear my bike chain, star and ID bracelets inlaid in lapis, onyx and wood.

Has NYC inspired your jewellery?

The skyscrapers’ boldness, the ornamental older buildings, the colour and flavour of each individual community – all of these things inspire me. My pieces share the city’s tradition, but with a bold, contemporary twist.

What does your perfect NYC night out look like?

My perfect night out in New York is to go to the theatre, followed by dinner at a late night restaurant. I love the buzz – it reminds me that this city never sleeps. Then I visit my dear friend Omar Hernandez at his very chic restaurant/club for a nightcap.

Miss Velvet & Baby Raptors, Musicians

Who would you love to perform with?

MV: I think Gary Clark Jr. is so talented – it would be rad to be on stage with him. He would bring such depth to the soulfulness that my music embodies. You can tell he plays from the heart with no inhibition.

BR: I would love to get in the studio with someone like Flume. Everything about where his production is and his take on the female voice has entranced me.

What’s your favourite thing to wear on stage?

MV: I like to wear a combination of vintage pieces from the 60s and 70s – mostly trouser suits. Suits have an androgynous feel that allow me to be an artist – not just a female artist.

BR: I embrace a duality that is represented in my music: 80s meets futuristic. It’s all very feminine, although I experiment a lot with metallics and technology.

What song do you have playing on repeat?

MV: A remix of my sister’s single, I Am My Only Love by London underground producer Khool C11ty.

BR: Never Be Like You by Flume. Like I said, I’m obsessed.

Zoë Jordan's Knitlab 2 collection is available now at Knitlab 2 film by Erin Sayder. Soundtrack by Two Tone Music. 

Text by Jainnie Cho