The dialogue between fashion and technology is nothing new. Everything from self-lacing Nike Mags from Back to the Future to 3-D-printed garments – the overlapping of the two industries consists of a long and detailed history, dating back to the late 18th century and the invention of the first sewing machine. However, many of the contemporary examples from that rich history seem like more of a gimmick or something extracurricular rather than items that are necessary in our daily life. With the fashion-tech conversation reaching its peak, there is one question that still stays unanswered: How do you close the gap between tech and fashion in a meaningful and useful way?

A great attempt to answer that query comes courtesy of Josh Udashkin, the founder and CEO of the American smart luggage brand called Raden. "When I look at fashion and tech I see three main mistakes, either the design has been sacrificed for the tech, the tech has made the cost unbearably expensive, or the tech is something that is nice for PR but not what the consumer actually wants or uses,” Udashkin shares. And that’s exactly where his idea for a smart suitcase comes from – taking an item that everyone uses, making it visually beautiful and giving it the properties its users realistically need. The CEO tells us: “Everyone has had the moment when their phone dies at the airport. Everyone has had the moment when they have been forced to unpack their luggage at check-in because it’s overweight.” And so he created a range of luggage that is able to charge your phone, weigh itself and tell you its exact location.

Supported by a Raden app, the suitcase connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and gives you all the details you need to know about your bag both before and during your travels. But the suitcase is not just about its useful technology – the sleek simplistic design makes it enviable from a fashion point of view too. They come in a variety of colours, both softer pastels and muted solids, while the hardware blends effortlessly – hidden in the lining, making it both subtle and easily accessible. With such a blend of tech and style, Raden suitcases are bound to end up on wish lists of both computer programmers and fashion editors. Count us in!

Raden smart suitcases are available from £250 at Net-a-porter and Selfridges. Find out more information at

Text by Dino Bonacic