What captures the essence of surprise, sparkle and New York?  Well, everything that comes in a little blue box.

This week we visited Tiffany to join in on their celebration of this magical season and for an excuse to adorn ourselves with bling worthy of the Manhattan skyline.
Our afternoon spent in the Bond Street flagship store featured a careful inspection of the brand’s most iconic pieces, from the Peretti pendants to the Atlas bangles – all so captivating that even our cameras were blinded by their brilliance.  And if the diamonds weren’t enough of a spectacle then the windows depicting a bountiful holiday celebration in the middle of Central Park, overlooking the the most iconic New York city landmarks ought to do it.

Looking for a memorable gift for your loved ones, or more importantly, for yourself? May we suggest you take the afternoon off and visit Tiffany’s exclusive Christmas Shop that offers a curated selection of jewelry from the most sought-after collections – you can thank us later.

Want to know what’s on our wish list?

The Elsa Peretti bottle pendant for the most unexpected touch to any outfit; the Infinity double cuff bracelets for the ultimate long-standing ovations; the T-wire bracelet for easily attached but equally chic diamonds for your wrist; the Atlas bracelet because it truly stands the test of time and finally, the Tiffany T ring because you don’t need a man to provide you with some serious bling.

Atlas Open Hinged Bangle in 18k gold, £6,100.

Looking for perfect everyday bangles that stand the test of time? Say no more, the Atlas collection houses the most timeless designs - perfect for wearing on their own and for stacking.

Infinity Double Cuff in 18k White & Yellow Gold with Diamonds, £6,200.

Talking with your hands has never felt more satisfying. The infinity cuffs provide the right amount of sparkle and glamour to your wrists – so gesticulate away!


T Wire Bracelet in 18k White Gold with Diamonds, £2,875.

No one around to help you out with the clasp? That will never be an issue with this bracelet. Simply twist and attach to your wrist for your daily dose of diamonds.

Elsa Peretti Bottle Round Bottle Pendant in 18k Gold with a Turquoise Stopper, £3,500.

If we ever had a genie to grant us a couple of wishes we would ask for this Elsa Peretti bottle pendant. The heavy weight, gold finish and turquoise stone give off the most luxurious feel.

T Wrap Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Diamonds, £2,075.

The only question that you need to pop this season is whether you’re ready to commit to a 18k rose gold ring with diamonds. Hint: the answer is always ‘Yes’.

Text by Ann-Marie Voina