It’s always a treat visiting Marc Jacobs' Mount Street boutique. The space, part-store, part-library (it gave us major #shelfgoals), makes you feel right at home. Now that Marc Jacobs and its sister-line Marc by Marc Jacobs have merged, it’s fascinating to see how the designer combines drama with humour, luxury and normcore.

This autumn/winter 2016 collection was a celebration of Marc Jacobs' past, present and future. Signatures include concert sweatshirts, monochrome polka dots and a lot of non-basic black. Like all of Jacobs’ collections, the clothes were centred around characters. Think Lydia from Beetlejuice, Christina Ricci and other “ghosts of New York." Can we please have a moment for the skyscraper shoes?

What left us spellbound? A pussycat print blouse that was more chic than childlike, a vinyl midi-skirt that moved in all the right ways, a crochet-collar sweatshirt to keep us warm in winter, a pair of modern-day Morticia Addams lace-up platforms, and a zebra-print crossbody that will steer off all predators. 

Pussycat Print Blouse, £825

Unleash your inner crazy cat lady in this printed blouse with an oversized bow. We’ll choose to believe that black cats are a sign of good fortune.

Laser-cut Vinyl Skirt, £1490

If we had to choose one piece that embodies this brilliant Marc Jacobs collection, it would be this cut-out faux leather skirt. With a layer of tulle underneath, the piece is feminine in the most rebellious of ways. Now, where’s the party at?

Knit Collar Sweatshirt, £1740

This misaligned, mixed-fabric sweater makes us wish for chillier weather forecasts. Wear it with a pair of jeans and let the crochet collar do the talking for you.

Beth Oxford Pumps, £189

These lace-up oxford platforms take fashion to new heights. Put your best foot forward and you’re good to go. Just don’t sprain that ankle!

Crossbody Snapshot Camera bag, £350

This zebra-printed snapshot camera bag is the perfect fashion week accessory. The gold hardware, jewel-encrusted strap and graphic stripes all say Instagram me! Think of it as the golden ticket.

All products are available at Marc Jacobs located at 24-25 Mount St, W1K 2RR.

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