It’s hard to believe that Nichola Joss has the same amount of hours in a day as the rest of us. Joss juggles working full-time as a beauty therapist, serving as skincare editor for Beauty Papers magazine and overlooking a salon in New York. Did we mention she also works behind-the-scenes on cover shoots? “I really wanted to tie fashion and beauty together. It’s great to be able to work with real talent like Val Garland, Pat McGrath and Sam McKnight,” she said between appointments in London. “It’s all about skin. If you can get skin prepped, glowing and healthy, the makeup team really appreciates it too.”

Joss can be found prepping a client for a healing facial one minute and rushing off to work at London Fashion Week the next. “Roksanda is a very dear friend. I love working with her. Her collections are always vibrant and interesting. Erdem's shows are always amazing. I love Henry Holland because it’s funky, fun and the energy is really high. I’ve done Victoria Secret as well and that was really fun because it’s a like a big girl camp.” 

With degrees in biology, physiology and beauty therapy, Joss wanted to take her facials to another level – focusing inside people’s mouths. “When I worked alongside a guru in Indonesia, I learned a lot about massage so I developed my inner facial technique. I came up with it on my own when I wanted to give my clients something more. I really wanted to over-achieve in the facial department. The main thing about ageing is sagging in the muscle tissue and skin. If you could reverse that, it’s like a facelift for your skin.” She says her treatments can be invasive but she knows that her clients have complete faith in her. Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Winslet and Rosie-Huntington Whiteley are just some of the women who trust Joss with their faces. However, Kate Moss remains one of her favourite clients. “I’ve known her for so long. She just resonates on so many levels for so many people. She’s funny, kind and beautiful.”

Of course, we couldn’t let the fairy godmother of facials get away without asking for tips on what to do at home. “I think the most important thing is to have a daily ritual. The element of massage integrated into that is really important. If you do that, your skin will be happier. Because you have so many reflexology points in your face, by massaging your product or cleanser to remove your makeup, you’re stimulating all those sensory points and de-stressing the muscle. And then, at bed, spend two to five minutes massaging your face with facial oil. You can achieve natural tone and contour without applying makeup. The amount of facial tension people carry is as much or more than the tension people carry on their shoulders!”

At the moment, Joss is developing a skincare range and face massager that will be available next spring. The beauty expert shares with us her favourite London spots.

Monday: Granger & Co. (7 Pancras Square, Unit 1 Stanley Building, N1C 4AG)

I do breakfast with my team at Granger and Co. every Monday at King’s Cross because it’s a good central point for all of us to meet. The food is great. I usually have a high-protein breakfast like eggs and avocado with a little bacon sometimes. Then I’ll have a power smoothie, usually the protein one or the green juice. I love the vibrancy of King’s Cross and it’s only getting better. 

Tuesday: Good Vibes Fitness Studio (14-16 Betterton St, WC2H 9BU)

I have a pop-up spa space there so I use their fitness facilities often. On Tuesday, I have restorative yoga with Nahid, the owner. It’s a one-to-one session. Restorative yoga is really important for me because it balances me for the week. It’s about chakras, breath and connecting with your body. It’s a slow, still yoga practice. I do it on a daily basis within my meditation. I’ve been practicing yoga for about twenty years. The most beneficial thing about yoga is the fluidity that you have with movement as you age. It keeps you youthful. It also allows your brain to shut down and lets your inner brain connect with your body. 

Wednesday: Regents Park (Chester Rd, NW1 4NR)

On Wednesday, my dog Maude, a great dane, comes into the salon to hang out in our workspace at Covent Garden as a therapy dog. Some of my clients come in and they have anxiety issues or they’re super strung out. I get busy lawyers, accountants, film producers, etc. So the dog comes in and it helps having her in the room while I'm doing the treatments. 

Thursday: King’s Cross Pond Club (20 Canal Reach, N1C 4BE)

I usually do this starting from late spring to early autumn. I like the natural pool because I feel like it connects you with earth. Also, it’s in King’s Cross and we’re pretty much based in that area most of the time. If I can’t swim outdoors then I’ll probably use the Oasis pool in Covent Garden as it’s close to work too. It’s relaxing to just play in the water.

Friday: Chiltren Firehouse (1 Chiltern St, W1U 7PA)

Friday tends to be more of a down day. If we’ve had a busy week, my team and I will get together and go for a late afternoon lunch and then a couple of cocktails at the Chiltren Firehouse or the girls will have a day off. It’s definitely more of a peaceful day for us as the week can be so busy. We’ll contemplate the week and how much we’ve managed to achieve … or not achieve sometimes!

Nichola Joss has popups in Covent Garden, Shoreditch and New York City and offers treatments starting from £160 to £300.



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