Because we are such big fans of Faustine Steinmetz’s work, we made an early start to the day to see the fruits of her collaboration with the Swedish jeans brand Cheap Monday. And we were not disappointed. It’s a brilliant translation of Steinmetz’s slow burn, hand-crafted fashion into something more mass produced, more affordable and more accessible – a small collection for men and women of limited edition, woven, hand-finished pieces.

It started with a hand-woven swatch of distorted threads and has evolved into a tunic, rucksack, skinny jeans and jean jackets that look as though they are unthreading and disintegrating before your eyes... and a pair of jeans and jacket with hand-felted textures inspired by bathroom mould. All very organic, both in design and in the cotton itself. It’s a truly authentic partnership. Steinmetz recalled how Cheap Monday denim was the uniform of her "Baby Rocker" youth growing up in Paris. “I had a big connection already with the brand,” she said. She took Norwegian black-metal fans as the starting point. “Music and fashion inspire each other,” she said.

All the finishing is hand done in Stockholm and Germany – two people were employed for four weeks pulling the threads so each piece is unique. “I was free to go as crazy as I wanted with the textiles,” she said “and Carl [Malmgren, Cheap Monday’s creative director] made them into really great products with good price points.” It won’t hang around for long though – it’s on sale now at Cheap Monday and Opening Ceremony in New York.

Text by Tamsin Blanchard

The Cheap Monday x Faustine Steinmetz collection is available from today at Cheap Monday Carnaby Street and online at Cheap Monday.