The build up lasts for three weeks and it’s over within 24 hours. Whether you’re exhausted or exhilarated after Christmas, the day after was definitely intended for repair and recovery. Take a look inside the Because diary to see how we are spending our perfect Boxing day.


Start the day right, turn on an old classic like My Fair Lady and stay in your pyjamas until noon. Feel at one with Eliza Doolittle in a Comme Des Garçons long sleeve floral top paired with Madeleine Thompson’s cashmere track pants. And luckily, you don’t need lots of coal making lots of heat when you have Brora’s ribbed cashmere hot water bottle.


Prise yourself from the sofa and transform from flower girl to lady. Say goodbye to the red puffer of 2016 and don Valentino’s red cape instead. Pair with Bottega Veneta’s latticed leather gloves and Gucci’s Dionysus boots to go from lady to Tudor queen. Then, head for a wintery walk in Richmond Park to give yourself an appropriately ruddy complexion, soak up some of the glorious nature, and possibly burn some of those Christmas dinner calories too.


Sooth sore muscles (from all that strenuous walking) with a soak in a hot bubble bath. Boost your tired skin with Tata Harper’s deep cleansing mask and wash away your weariness with Rodin’s Holidot bath bar. Light Frederic Malle’s Jurassic Flower candle and bask in the lavender scented glow. Leave the water feeling reborn, rejuvenated and ready for the new year. 

Text by Abigail Southan