Congratualtions to Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton and Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones who this afternoon convinced a panel of judges (Roland Mouret, Jason Basmajian, Dylan Jones, Sophie Neophitou, Anita Barr, Simon Chilvers and Stuart McCullough) that their knits were worth a £24,500 cash injection into their label. 

Agi & Sam took the menswear prize and Teatum Jones took the womenswear in the 2015/16 British Isles division of the award.

There was plenty of praise for the winners with GQ's Dylan Jones calling Agi & Sam "brilliant because they have such an idiosyncratic point of view" and Roland Mouret championed Teatum Jones; “What we loved about Teatum Jones winning this prize was their use and development of Merino wool, from their concept to the final garment. It was extraordinary and we thought it was really representative of what Britain’s young designers stand for.” Both labels, demonstrated their prowess with Merino wool. Agi & Sam explained that they've gravitated towards the material in their work because "no other fibre can match it in terms of versatility and quality.”

But this was just the heat. There's a grand final prize to score. The designers will go on to compete for the international Woolmark title. They'll represent the British Isles in their catergories, menswear in Florence in January 2016, and the womenswear final in New York in February 2016. If they win, they'll land another £49,000 and international stockists.