Though much of the current hype surrounding Gucci has focused on what Alessandro Michele, the new creative director, has done with the ready-to-wear, it was inevitable that the accessories would also be heralded as some of the season's finest. After all, Michele was the former head of accessories for the label. And what's more, it's no happy accident that it's the AW15 shoes that have particularly struck shoppers – there's 360 pairs in Michele's own, what we can only imagine is a giant, wardrobe.  

But we're not focusing on the Gucci slippers (the backless loafers lined with wild tan-coloured fur) or the extreme full fur shoes that looked like little monsters (that cost £1,230). We're championing the more lady-like red bejewelled pair here – no doubt we'll be seeing a lot of these photographed during fashion week.


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