Steve Tai's about to be the new kid on the block as he prepares to present his collection during London Fashion Week for the very first time this September. Maybe that's why the Canadian-born, London-based designer chose to explore what it's like being "the new girl in the office" in a series of four short AW15 campaign films. 

Created in partnership with directors Saty + Pratha, model Nadiya encounters the cringe-worthy moments of starting a new job, something Steven says he has first hand experience of. "I remembered when I was an intern at an office on my first day, I was given an enormous amount of documents to shred.  I somehow thought that it was a good idea to shred as thick a stack of paper as possible as this would speed up the task, but pretty soon I learned it would jam the shredder.  Shortly after unjamming it, I learned that doing it again would break the machine."

But the idea isn't based on the designer's own recollections. "The video is actually more of a reflection on the brand's concept," says Steven. "The slightly awkward, shy, and quirky girl.  The collection's concept was the comfort artist derived from their chaotic and messy surroundings, so actually it was quite funny to see these clothes in such a clean office setting."

Watch the short series here:



Styling by Truc Nguyen
Makeup by Brodine
Hair by Patrick Rahmé
Prop Styling by Jason Charles Hatton
Sound Engineering by Josh Vamos
Assistants: Hannah Kiviranta, Jenny East
Featuring Nadiya S at Elite
Suzanne Pratley appears in videos 1 and 3
Andy Fruman appears in videos 2 and 4