What do Paloma Faith, Daisy Lowe, and stylist Grace Woodward have in common? Give up? Okay, we’ll tell you. They all worked as shop girls in Agent Provocateur before hitting the big time. Now Paloma has gone full circle and is back in the shop, but this time as a model. Following in the footsteps of Naomi Campbell, she is the new face of Agent Provocateur, after working in the shop for three years when she was 21. The campaign is shot by Alice Hawkins, another ex-AP shop girl who then went to make her name as a photographer. It goes to show: once an AP girl, always an AP girl. The campaign itself puts Paloma in the role of shop manager at the flagship Soho store, where she used to work with Alice.

Paloma describes how being a shop girl influenced her: ‘I’m a big fan of the 50’s revival, AP style influenced me when I was singing in cabaret clubs…and I learnt how to do good make up.’ She still buys her knickers from there today because of the ‘daring, empowering, luxurious’ style of the brand. And what makes Paloma feel sexy? ‘Accepting myself for what I am not what I’m not.’ We can get on board with that.

Have a look at the new photographs for the AW15 campaign, where we can only imagine that Paloma is wearing distinctly less than when she worked there...

Text by Prudence Wade