Oonagh O’Hagan’s debut jewellery collection stems from her desire to take ordinary objects that have been dismissed, like elastic bands, and transform them into something lovely.

Solid silver and gold bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants are cast from the simple rubber band’s slinky shape—captured and frozen in time—and sit with the original plain elastics, or can be worn alone for a more simplistic look.

“I love extremes, high-brow and low-brow,” O’Hagan says. “The terror some people feel if they might be connected with something they deem low-brow or uncool, or what they think it would say about them, is mesmerising.”

From writing slapstick comedy books to consulting for luxury brands, O’Hagan enjoys the apparent contradictions in her work. She is a foundation year lecturer at Central Saint Martins, where she received her BA in Textiles and Masters in Fashion: Textiles. Ten years ago, O’Hagan was an art director at Tank, Because’s sister publication. Identity and desire often find their way into her work as a designer and consultant, among writing, photography and broadcasting. Those themes have drawn O’Hagan to the concept of originality, sparking her upcoming studies for a PhD at CSM, specializing in the topic of counterfeit fashion.

Fakes and counterfeits intrigue O’Hagan. “Isn’t it funny that sometimes people can want something so much and feel it will add so much to their life that they will essentially break the law (buy a counterfeit),” O’Hagan says. “If I’m honest, I think a lot of my interest comes from the fact that I am extremely private but when in a social situation probably come across confident, even sociable—I suppose I am busy stapling my own veneer on all the time.”

O’Hagan’s work, and her beautiful new jewellery line in particular, remind us that things are not always what they seem. Customised pieces and prices are available upon request.

Text by Libby Buck