Diesel Tribute Collection
Nicola Formichetti's new Tribute Collection Sport#2 is inspired by sifting through the Diesel archives. The collection features nylon bombers, double-breasted coats, and capes with fur hoods. Formichetti references the military throughout the collection with heavy zippers, utilitarian pockets, and army green tones. The collection will be showcased at LONDON show ROOM with the British Fashion Council in Paris, March 4 – 11 and on sale from September 2015 in selected stores worldwide.

Prada The Iconoclasts
Over the course of February, Prada The Iconlasts have been unveiling installments during New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and now Paris Fashion Week. The third chapter is featuring costume designer Milena Canonero. Canonero has won four Academy Awards for costume design, two of those films being Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Marie Antoinette (2006).

“I sought to reinterpret the collection through the four elements – water, fire, air and earth – and create imaginary situation that culminate in the fifth element, human love,” says Cononero. Mannequins can be spotted holding hands at the Prada Faubourg Saint-Honoré store until March 11. Read more: PRADA

Colette's New Book  
Colette has teamed up with Creative Future to create a limited-edition book that explores the history of the store and the relationships they have built. Since opening in 1997, Colette has become known for its collaborations within the art and design world, and for recognising the potential in unknown artists and fashion designers. There are only 1000 copies worldwide and they come signed, numbered, and with an exclusive paintbrush. Read more: BURO24/7

Etsy For The Natural History Museum 
The American Natural History Museum in New York collaborates with 22 Etsy designers to create 140 pieces for the gift shop. Ranging from hand-painted leather pouches to a gold necklace made from pinecones, the handcrafted gifts have been inspired by the museum’s collections. Read more: STYLE