Now aged 72, Manolo Blahnik has dedicated four decades to dressing the feet of leading ladies, from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Victoria Beckham to Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker. His celebrated career began when his shoe sketches impressed Diana Vreeland, which led to him opening his first shop in Chelsea in 1973. Since then, he has become one of fashion’s best-known names – his first name now a synonym for his shoes – but for his next move, he’s getting his feet into socks.

In collaboration with Falke, a family-run German manufacturer, Blahnik has created three styles. “Socks are such a basic clothing item and yet they connect your feet with the rest of the clothes you are wearing,” Manolo says. “I have so many pairs in so many colours and materials. Playing with patterns and textures is a lot of fun.”


The three designs are like a Blahnik time capsule: the light pink and fuchsia-spotted pair are inspired by his mother’s polka-dot dresses; decorative curtains framing Spanish windows were behind the ribbed heather-grey pair with pink pompoms; and the memory of his family playing tennis is celebrated in a simple ivory sock, embroidered in pink with his motto: “Keep Going”. Working with Because, he has created a video that showcases the socks with his AW15 shoe collection. As besocked feet shuffle heel-to-toe across the screen, pink accents pop and the socks become the shoes’ perfect accessory. Manolo agrees, “I love socks with heels!”





Text by Janine Bartels
Photography by Martin J. Pickering and Alex Craddock 
Videography: Martin Senyszak 
Production: Faye Young 
Models: Funda Onal and Hannah Joy Lewis at Morello Bookings and Daniel Rubio