Honey, played by Melanie Griffith, is a snobbish A-list actress with skillfully glossed hair, sleek fur accessories and a bad case of resting-bitch-face. Cecil B. Demented, played by Stephen Dorff, dramatically kidnaps Honey at gunpoint in front of an audience at one of her premieres. Mr. Demented and his team of screwy filmmakers then force Honey to star in their low-budget, underground movie.

Slowly adapting to her new life of rooftop jump getaways and gunfights, Honey takes a stylistic turn the equivalent of sticking her finger in an electrical socket. She transforms with a bottle-blonde, uneven and frizzed out ‘do (which ends up catching fire), smudgy red lips and exaggerated eye makeup. We love the ravaged DIY spirit she takes in slashing the sleeves from a prim, pink Chanel bouclé jacket turned vest—a sinful act that would make the old Honey wince. Like Dana Scully or Veronica Mars gone to Wonderland, Honey stomps around in black basics, with leather holsters and gloves, but mixes in spray-painted coats and wicked witch striped tights. Though her silky, polished look was perfectly classy, Honey says it best when she says, “demented forever.”

Text by Libby Buck