Her frustrated voice screams, through a series of paintings and unashamedly phallic ceramic sculptures and punctured masses—one piece looks like it has a bite taken out of it. The show is a continuation of a series of drawings that she made four years ago under the same title. Ideas around language, communication and sexuality spill from her work with a near-violent intent. Gentleness is not what Collings-James is about. Instead, she inflicts stress and confusion on her audience, and the result is intense—but exhilarating and utterly thrilling.

Choke on Your Tongue is the product of Collings-James’ summer at Nuove Ceramics Residency, a program designed to give young international artists new skills in ceramic sculpture. Her creations were first exhibited on-site in Nove, Italy, and are now making their London debut.

A deep connection to the body inspires the Collings-James' work, not only in this show but also in past projects, including Sortir un Oeil, a video work of the artist walking barefoot on raw eggs. That exhibition's works were a reaction to social patriarchy, and Collings-James made them entirely using her feet.

The breadth of the artist's projects creates a unique perspective to look at both the art world and the fashion industry—and it's a balance she’s perfected. She has been exhibited internationally, featured in major magazines, including Vogue and Dazed & Confused, and has collaborated as a model, writer, art director and set designer with brands such as Dior and LOVE magazine. Collings-James also runs her own feminist blog, Cunt Today, and regularly sits on panels to speak on feminism and the arts. Check out a past feature on her right here in Because Magazine.

On her exhibition's opening night, Phoebe Collings-James will be speaking alongside the former Director of the Royal Academy, Sir Norman Rosenthal, about the current ceramics revival in contemporary art. Choke on Your Tongue runs at the Italian Cultural Institute until February 1.

ICI London
39 Belgrave Square

Text by Libby Buck