Walking into Alex Eagle’s new Walton Street shop is like stepping into someone’s living room, albeit the living room of a South Kensington success story with expensive and impeccable taste. But that is the point. “The idea was to create the feeling of a private space, like a curated home where we have done the edit,” Alex says. “I hoped to create a place where people would want to come and hang out and spend time, where there is no pressure to buy anything there and then. It’s about being inspired.”

Formerly a fashion publicist for Joseph and having worked for several style publications, Alex is no stranger to picking choice items for magazine pages and editing carefully, and that comes across in her selection. “I’m drawn to timeless, classic pieces that are made to last, mixed with fun, collectible and limited-edition items.” She could be referring to the table crafted from a single sycamore trunk by Benchmark or the dressing gowns, silk scarves and velvet slippers she designed with New & Lingwood, the outfitters to Eton College. Then there are photographs by David Bailey and Robert Mapplethorpe that sit beside ceramics by Picasso. Two more UK locations are being hatched and Alex is also creative director of The Store x Soho House Berlin – a gigantic concept shop she created with a café and workspace. “Opening the two at the same time was actually coincidental,” she says. “Berlin is a slower-paced, more relaxed metropolitan city. There is a feeling of growth and change in the air that makes it exciting and feels like everything is possible.”

And to Alex, everything is. She’s planning a cinema, photography studio and accommodation in Berlin, plus, she says, “There will be recording studios that can be used by artists visiting or living in Berlin and I’m working on a program of supper clubs that will be pop-up events with global and local chefs. Aside from that,” she adds, “I’m developing my own brand that is launching later this year. It’s based on my work uniform – think off-the-peg Savile Row menswear for women.” Total world domination is hers.

Text by Nazanin Shahnavaz

Portrait by Robbie Lawrence