It's fair to say that Frieze London is one behemoth of an art fair. The south of Regent's Park is taken over by the large white booths and visual overload happens in the best way possible. Over 160 international galleries are showing this year, and the sheer amount of talent from up-and-coming artists and perennial favourites will have your head turning in all directions. While it can be overwhelming, this year there is one booth that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one: The La Prairie Lounge. 

You read that right, the skincare brand La Prairie has made its debut at Frieze London, bringing the worlds of art and skincare that much closer together.  To celebrate the launch of its new Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, La Prairie have teamed up with French digital artist Maotik to build an immersive experience inspired by their iconic cobalt blue seen across the Skin Caviar collection. Using sophisticated digital algorithms and motion sensors, Maotik's Sense of Blue is an immersive experience that takes viewers on a journey, from the calm of an early night to its liberating depths. "By engaging their senses, I modify their perspective of reality and make them live a unique and heightened experience of the cobalt night," says Maotik. The multi-sensorial experience invites viewers to go beyond the physicality associated with skincare, instead delving into the associations of cobalt blue, whether that be water or the colour of the sky, the beauty lies in opening our minds to the possibilities.

At first glance the collaboration may come as a surprise but with La Prairie's focus on marrying nature with the latest technological innovations and Maotik's nature-inspired digital craftsmanship, the patron relationship couldn't be more fitting. 

See the La Prairie Lounge x Maotik installation at Frieze London from the 16th-17th of October. 

Shop the Skin Caviar Collection below: 

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