Clothes have always had impressive mood-boosting abilities; whether it's the sentimental connotations you have with your favourite dress, or the joie de vivre that comes with wearing a vibrant shade. But nothing can encapsulate this more than a dynamic print.

A purveyor of such for over 70 years has been the Finnish brand Marimekko, who, since their inception in 1951, have been on a mission to bring colour and joy into our lives through their delightful and print-filled fashion and homeware. To celebrate over half a century of work, Marimekko: The Art of Printmaking tells the story of their most iconic designs.

Split into four sections, expect a full education about their inspiration and design process. Starting with a tour of their factory in Herttoniemi, where their fabrics have been created from the very beginning, and where the Marimekko philosophy is truly felt, on to a rich sourcebook of patterns and finally to the brand’s ultra-sustainable, super-creative future. Interspersed between Laird Borrelli-Persson's – the Archive Editor at – text, are archival photographs and advertisements, modern campaign imagery and newly commissioned photography, all of which give a visual timeline of their popping prints.

Whether you're drawn to this tome for it's endless design inspiration, factual brand storytelling or just out of curiosity, after dipping your toe into Marimekko: The Art of Printmaking, you'll be left with a smile.

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