Jewellery aficionados will be well acquainted with the legacy of Aldo Cipullo; the Italian born jeweller whose iconic designs are a perennial favourite of today. But if the name doesn't ring a bell, his joaillerie creations certainly will. Joining Cartier in 1969, Cipullo crafted the iconic Love bracelet – Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren were two of the many celebrities who adorned the piece – as well as the Just un Clou nail collection, both of which gained recognition for their hardware-inspired designs. 

But as Assouline's latest tome Cipullo: Making Jewelry Modern proves, Cipullo's story doesn't start or end with his Cartier legacy. Written by his brother Renato Cipullo – whose an established jeweller in his own right – and award-winning journalist and jewellery historian Vivienne Becker, the 200 paged book divulges into the life of Cipullo, sharing everything from his early life up until his sudden death in 1984. Find inside family photos and fond anecdotes from Aldo's friends, unique illustrations that showcase his dabbling into fashion and men's jewellery and iconic photography that cements his stature on the NY social scene, and be enchanted by the history of Aldo Cipullo.

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