What... A UV Phone Sanitiser

Why... Because cleanliness has never been so necessary

We've never had to use as much hand moisturizer as we have these days, knowing that hand washing is critical to our efforts to restrict the spread of Covid-19. If the soaring sales of hand sanitiser have shown us anything, it's that for the time being people are seriously concerned about how their personal hygiene can affect, and potentially prolong, the continuing crisis. But what about our phones? We forget that germs and bacteria can continue to live for hours on those hard surfaces. Rarely is a press release about a new product launch so welcome; enter  CASETiFY’s UV Phone Sanitiser which in three minutes can destroy 99.9% of all germs on your phone.  Helpfully, it functions as a wireless charger too.

But to top it off, ALL of the proceeds from the sale of each sanitiser are going to GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. They are helping in this difficult time by getting essential supplies to hospitals and clinics, making sure that children who rely on school meals are still fed and sending medical responders to the communities who most need them. A gadget that's great for us, and great for our community? Turns out Casetify's UV Phone Sanitiser is THE gadget we never knew we needed until now.

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