As its become evidently aware, due to the number of people in parks and the lack of people staying at home; Coronavirus has put a plug into day-to-day life as we know it. With tensions and anxieties at an all time high, the team at Because are here to offer their advice on the 'do's and don'ts' of social distancing.

For the first instalment of our Top Tips series, we've collated our thoughts on how to stay sane while self-isolating, which for the team, has come to fruition as we roll into our second week of WFH. But the best tip we can give? Wash your hands and stay inside! 

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief: Indulge in Hobbies
We've been working from home for a week now, and I've realised that unless you're really careful, your working hours can extend to all hours a bit too easily. Plus, instead of chatting with colleagues, the social-interaction void means I find myself looking at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok (yup!) more often, then annoying myself for wasting time. I'm trying to put my phone in the bedroom and work in the dining room, so that I create a real distinguishing line between the spaces.  I've found myself trying to stick to a morning routine, waking up at the same time my normal alarm goes off but spending a bit more time getting ready, putting mascara and lipstick on for all the Google Hangout meetings and creating lists that I can tick off. I'm a natural optimist, so my lists include all the things at home that I haven't managed to do, like take out the Calligraphy set I got at Quill a year and a half ago and use YouTube tutorials to spend my nights not glued to the television. Expect very lovely handwritten cards soon, friends!

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor: Help Those in Need
On one of the many (more) phone calls I've had with my mother while socially distancing; she wisely stated, "During these dreary times, it can bring out the best, or the worst in people." As a believer that 'mother knows best', I'm trying to do my bit for those in need, to show that Corona will not break the good nature that runs through humanity. While I'm still fit and able to go to the shops, (and adhering to social distancing requirements) I'm buying bits for the food bank, as well as myself, and opting to transport the supplies on my back while running as opposed to my usual bus. The exercise - despite it being my most hated sporting activity - gives an instant serotonin high, mixed with the satisfaction of helping others means you're left with a prolonged sense of wellbeing that is vital in keeping our minds healthy. Whether it be donating food or not, use this time to do activities that would make your mother proud.

Find your local food bank here.

Leonie Hutch, Writer: Be Open To New Ideas
Although we might be in isolation, I do not think that this is a moment to cut ourselves off. In fact, I think the key to staying sane is to do the very opposite: to remain open to new ideas and ways of being. Social media and the new digital landscape is not an answer in and of itself. Rather, to develop connections I think that first we must develop our capacity for empathy. By listening we can (at least attempt) to create understanding and meaning. So, pay attention, open a book, turn on the radio and maybe explore a new journal, magazine or newspaper. Get out of your comfort zone and invite the world in, even if you are at home. 

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant: Be Curious
We are so used to being busy that we are going into overdrive in the wake of self-isolation. We think that we have to be more productive now than ever, and somehow miraculously learn how to speak five new languages, code and bake a rainbow cake. But we forget the most integral part of learning: being curious. Instead of obsessively following to-do lists, my top tip is to shut it all off for a minute and follow your instinct of what peaks your curiosity- this is the perfect time to discover things about yourself and your surroundings that you may well have been overlooking for a long time, rushing from one task to the next.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator: Relish in Nostalgic Treasures
The past week of self-isolation has brought a new kind of pressure to accomplish a myriad of unfulfilled goals; as so many others on Instagram are doing. While I'm envious of those who have managed to take up new hobbies, I think there's something to be said for indulging in the old ones. I've been watching a favourite movie of mine almost every night, I've taken a nostalgic dive into the recesses of my (cringey) iTunes library and have started re-reading The Great Gatsby for the nth time. Enjoy what you know and love, and let it bring you some much needed warmth and comfort during this time!

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