A new season, under very new circumstances: Coronavirus has meant that we won’t be spending these Spring days out and about in the sun. But for the lucky few that are blessed with some outdoor space, whether it be an acre long garden or a 5ft balcony, all is not lost in terms of Vitamin D intake (and for those who don’t, well we can enjoy through the powers of our imaginations)

Despite the fact that no one other than those who you’re lockdown-ing with (if you are lockdown-ing with anyone) will be able to see your curated garden outfit, the mix of euphoria and anticipation when styling an outfit still hits even if it’s only for yourself. Therefore, we wouldn’t leave the backdoor without a floppy straw hat, because even without a third-party gaze, we still want to elude the shining qualities of a chic and put together women. This Jacquemus number is better suited to a yacht setting rather than the backyard, but it’ll make a good substitute. To continue said sophisticated persona, and to give your eyes some much needed protection from the sun, add these Chloé sunglasses to spruce up the look.

Sustain outdoor longevity by picking a comfy seat, like this Pya rocking chair. It’s 45 degree angle makes for optimal full body tanning, and comfortable resting when a day in the sun can lead to an unsolicited nap. If you can’t keep your eyes glued to a book page and are in need of something to gaze upon, why not invest in an outdoor two-in-one piece that’ll boost your garden’s ecosystem. This mini beepot from Anthropologie acts as a home for any solitary bees, as well as a plant pot to host an array of flowers to coax them in, making a lockdown activity for all those green fingered. Lastly, to keep the intake of fresh air from day to night, we recommend wrapping up in this H&M Home blanket to keep warm when the sun starts to set, marking the end of your day in the sun. 

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