If you hadn't noticed, interior decoration seems to be at the forefront of our minds as of late. Last week, we were perusing the pages of Art Life: Sig Bergamin for his decisively unique mélanges of colour that decorated our dreams as we wished for them to be in our homes. Now, to further ignite our furnishing fire, we've got Alex Eagle and her latest photography tome to thank.

More Than Just a House: At Home with Collectors and Creators explores exactly what the title suggests. Giving an inside look into the homes of over 30 creatives – including that of Alex Eagle's, the book's curator – it gives an insight into how these spaces cultivate the many facets of our lives. “This book was born from a feeling I often have when I am welcomed into a friend’s fabulous house,” explained Eagle when asked about the project. “I look around and wish I could record my experience: not just the colour of the walls or the art in the hallway, but the spirit of the place, the way the energy of the person who lives there is expressed in its singular style.” The book pairs photography of unimaginable homes alongside text that delves into the owner's worlds, truly showing how much of a personal reflection our homes can be of ourselves. 

With Sarah Harris, Kim Jones and Rosetta Getty being just a few of the fashion faces you'll spot within in this volume, you're guaranteed to find a dazzlingly decorated domain that can serve as the inspiration blueprints for your own.

Buy More Than Just a House: At Home with Collectors and Creators here.

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