Passing over the baton, Mariana Pestana is continuing the #WomenCrushWednesday thread with her nomination.

WHO// Dörte de Jesus 

CAREER// Creative Director and Founder of Lissome. 

WHY// Dörte de Jesus is a long-term crush and recent fever of mine. I’ve known her for almost 15 years and we once lived together in Berlin. She has an incredible sense of style and is the perfect company for touring charity shops and vintage sales for a unique bargain. Dörte taught me about Elsa Schiaparelli, and we watched Jean Cocteau’s films together.

“What a magical day with my man @paolodejesus 💘💘💘” @dortedejesus

More recently, Dörte has been working on an immense endeavour: her project Lissome. For the last three years, she tirelessly interviewed studios and practices who are in the fashion business and who are really dedicated to working sustainably. 

What’s important to Dörte is the change to the paradigm in fashion and the perception of ecological clothing as purely practical. She believes that beauty is key. In the current context of climate crisis, her slow-paced, committed way of working is of enormous value. 

“Statues and palm trees #sicily@dortedejesus

Under Dörte’s careful watch, Lissome brings together stories of designers and artisans and promotes new ways of living. It is both a platform and a studio connecting style with ecological thinking and promoting transparency in the business. Lissome is about to launch its first issue of a magazine under the same name, which promises to be amazing, so look out for it!

Follow Dörte via her Instagram here @
dortedejesus – and stay tuned to see who she will be nominating next week as her #WomenCrushWednesday...

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