Caroline Issa starts a new #WomanCrushWednesday chain with her nomination, Diane Kordas...

WHO // Diane Kordas

CAREER // Jewellery designer.

"#SundayFunday" @dianekordasjewellery

WHY // This woman is a total badass. Her fantastic jewellery label all started on a whim one summer in Greece, and she has grown it into a business and a brand that discerning women collect.

"Twinkle Twinkle" @dianekordasjewellery

Not only is she a talented creative, but she’s a loyal and fun friend – someone who throws raucous dinner parties, and strives to seat unlikely bedfellows next to each other to foster new connections.

"Star Struck" @dianekordasjewellery

Diane Kordas is curious, passionate, and hilarious!

Follow Diane on Instagram at @dianekordasjewellery and check back this time next week for the next #WCW nomination...

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