This week we’re starting a new #WomanCrushWednesday thread! First up to nominate is Because Magazine’s Fashion Assistant, Carmen Bellot.

WHO// Rosanna Jones.

CAREER// Artist, Photographer, Collage Queen.

WHY// Instagram - is it an angel or adversary to the creative process? It’s debatable whether a ‘yes or no’ can suffice. But, can Instagram be used as an accessible way for artists to present their work to a mass audience? - now that is a resounding yes.

"🌨 antonia ⛈" @Rosannajonez

And this social media app is where I was introduced to my #WCW, Rosanna Jones, who popped up on my Explore page when a lapse of inspiration led to an Instagram binge. Enticed by her engaging use of collaging and tangerine-like aesthetic, I was quickly captivated by her highly textured portraits, where the post-production process becomes more important than the photography. Her nostalgic film photography mixed with surrealist collaging-technique makes for an explorative portraiture experience (and led to an unhealthy amount of Instagram scrolling).

"Yuki in April 🕸" @Rosannajonez

Going straight from University into becoming a working artist - her clientele includes Gucci Beauty and Warner Music Group - Rosanna’s daily doses of artwork is sparking the imaginations of many, including myself. Her feed has become a retreat for when I want my procrastination to still inspire, and her use of social media is actively changing art's traditional presentation methods within its field. Instagram art? Now that gets my vote.

Follow Rosanna at @rosannajonez – and tune in next week to see where the thread takes us next...

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