As the beauty industry and market booms, the real experts continue to ascend. Their point of view and tricks of the trade push forward our ideas of beauty and innovation. That’s why Marian Newman’s new guide-cum-portfolio is our current bible of all things nails related.

With a background in forensic science, Marian grasped the chemistry of nails before opening her own salon and later working her first editorial for British Vogue. It’s fair to say that Marian is well-polished as a nail artist: her roster of unique designs, captured in the book, show a wealth of experience and creativity. From real leaves and hair, to neon colours – before approved pigments came into existence – she is forever pushing the material boundaries in nail art.

Having spent over ten years on Dior advertising campaigns and being backstage at dozens of fashion shows a season, Marian’s greatest works are your new go-to for coffee table inspo. For fashion heads, there are recognisable shoots on every page, complete with breakdowns of visual inspiration, stand out memories and colour mixing tips.

A visual feast, this book is an insight into the behind-the-scenes of one of nail art’s leaders. Thirty years of know-how translate into a simple guide for those who wish to recreate the visually arresting nail and hand designs. For nail newbies, there’s even an essentials section for your kit that is worth delving into – and a glossary to get you clued up on manicure terms.

Its many archival photographs have been handpicked from the pre-2000s to date, including iconic moments like Lady Gaga’s Born This Way triple-nail shocker. Gold foil to chrome and everything in between: Marian has all the bases covered. Including a handy address ‘nail file’ for suppliers and top polish destinations. Think of it as a colourful technician’s encyclopedia.

Always wanted to recreate that glossy 1998 Kate Moss manicure? Well, now you can!

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