Frankly, we’re in total disbelief that March has arrived – and we’re chalking that up to the weather! Rather than feeling in the first flush of spring, the month of the Pisces couldn’t appear more wintery if it tried.

However, there’s no point in pondering how time flies! Now is the moment to embrace all of the Capital’s happenings – and, to save you the legwork, we’ve cherry-picked our highlights to make your mood that little bit sweeter. Get ready for an immersive sensory experience, a mighty eco-fashion exhibition and feminist festivities to entirely lose yourself in...

Fancy unlocking your infinite power and becoming a master of your mind? Simply drift away into the Land of Nod, delve deep through your dreamscapes, and head down to SOMNAI – a one-of-its-kind 90-minute lucid dreaming experience that offers a medley of live performances, multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies to take you on a journey into the psyche. Plus, to ease you back into reality, a shapeshifting cocktail (brought to you by the power of projection technology) will be waiting. Welcome to the future!

SOMNAI premiers on 1st March and runs throughout spring at 2 Pear Tree Street, London, EC1V 3SBMain image courtesy of SOMNAI.

Image courtesy of Eco Age Ltd, featuring Burberry design with Australian Merino wool. 

The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange
When you hear the words ‘Commonwealth’, ‘Swarovski', ‘The Woolmark Company’ and ‘Matches Fashion’ uttered in the same breath, you can be sure that something special is in the works! Orchestrated by the brilliant Livia Firth of Ego Age Ltd, and in anticipation of The Commonwealth Heads of State Summit in April, this must-see fashion exhibition showcases the work of designers and artisans who collectively represent all 53 countries in the Commonwealth. With Stella McCartney and Burberry batting for Britain, it's set to be a stylish spectacle.

The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange runs until 6th March at Australia House, The Strand, London, WC2B 4LA. 

Image courtesy of The Southbank Centre, Women of the World festival.

Women of the World Festival
Returning for its seventh year – this time in-tandem with the monumental centenary of women’s right to vote – The Southbank Centre’s Women of the World (or WOW) festival arrives as one big, well-deserved (and completely overdue) celebration of women, while also probing at prevalent issues we, unfortunately, still encounter every day. A melting pot of personalities, from artists and writers to politicians and activists, are set to join the roster, promising to take you through the full gamut of emotion – hopefully culminating in new-found energy and inspiration.

Women of the World in partnership with Bloomberg runs from 7th March – 11th March at The Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX.