There’s no ‘i’ in ‘fashion’. Oh, wait…

Momentarily putting to one side our appalling grasp of the Mother Tongue (oops!), our original sentiment – see above – still holds firm. Fashion is built on foundations of collaboration and teamwork. Even an eponymous brand – where the very labels themselves bear the name of a singular designer who ‘steers the ship’ so to speak – will rely on a crew of dedicated people to keep it from sinking.

It’s this ‘all for one, and one for all’ approach that’s now celebrated in a glossy new hardback from Laurence King – not long in the wake of Simon Doonan’s playful homage to the ‘beautiful game’ – in a tome that pays tribute to the three musketeers, Giles Deacon, Sølve Sundsbø, and Katie Grand.

Each a sartorial heavyweight in their own right – respectively, a designer, a photographer and an Editor-in-Chief – together the trio have teamed up on numerous projects that swell from the melting pot into which each pours his/her unique aesthetic.

Inevitably, ‘trust’ is the oil to any well-slicked operation ­– and this collective is no exception. “I leave all the major styling decisions to them,” Deacon reveals in the book’s introduction, a candour which Sølve later attests is reciprocated by the designer’s own honest approach to design.

You may already know the images – Gisele Bündchen in a near-on monastic setting, a doe-eyed Dree Hemingway complete with a flyaway ribbon tied loosely at the neck, Alek Wek looking powerfully pretty in pink couture – but do you know the story behind them?

The wait is over...

Click here to discover GilesSølveKatie at Laurence King.

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