With flowers, you can speak any language you like. Each bloom has its own personality that resonates with us and our character; for example, if I was a flower, I would be a coral Peony. 

The same goes for brands. When I work with a designer, I always work with the collection – interpreting what’s going on as well as what I see and feel.

Each bunch is definitely bespoke and particular to them, as you’ll see…

New York, THE ROW

THE ROW is luxury, pure and simple. That’s exactly what’s being reflected here. The perfect, pristine rose is synonymous with luxury; velvet is indicative of luxury; colours are muted to echo the restraint of the palette. It’s really all about keeping it simple and considered. 

London, Roksanda

I just love Roksanda’s palette! There’s a lot of block colouring in her collections and we can interpret that in the flowers by grouping colours together and not using any foliage. I’ve used Hydrangeas, which are round and bold; Ranunculus flowers, which are very graphic; and Scabiosa. I’ve limited myself to just three flowers – not too many. Unusual colour pairings make it stand out.

Milan, Moschino

I always interpret Moschino collections in a fun, creative way. The colours and the collections make you smile – there’s so much to play and bounce off from, and it’s always colourful! I’ve used French Tulips, Anemones, Craspedia, roses and Mimosa (that’s the fluffy yellow ‘Big Bird’ stuff). I purposefully haven’t included foliage, focusing more on intense colour and shape. It has the ‘fun’ factor again, thanks to the clashing tones and quirky embellishments like gold fringing and patterned ribbon.

Paris, Chloé

Chloé is all about the natural and wild free spirit. I’ve used flowers that represent that DNA and that girl; she is feminine, but she’s simultaneously strong and sassy. It’s echoing all of those elements. I’ve used Genista, Wax Flower, scented garden roses and other beautiful varieties of roses; there’s also Eucalyptus, which has beautiful tones and hues which are ever present in the Chloé collections.

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