As founder of her namesake award-winning natural and organic skincare brand, cosmetic designer and facialist Alexandra Soveral is a fountain of beauty knowledge – and one in-demand lady!

Dubbed a ‘miracle worker’ for her cult consultations and products – the latter, which she hand-blends personally – Alexandra first entered our awareness through the rave reviews of her crystal marble wand facial. Ever since, we’ve been dying to find out more...

With a background rooted in philosophy, French art, aromatherapy, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and with strong views on the responsible practice of skincare (“Supporting the skin and making it healthy and strong to cope with infection, free radicals and ultimately with ageing, is what responsibility looks like,” she explains), Alexandra is a skincare aficionado we just had to speak to...

Tell us about how your background and upbringing informs your brand.
"My love and respect for nature stems completely from my childhood in Portugal. We lived in the suburbs of a small town with fields of olive trees and alpine forests around us; these were my playgrounds and nature was my best friend. I used to press flowers from the age of five, ruining all of my mother’s books… If she was to open a book today, she’d probably still find a dried flower or leaf inside it that’s been there for over 40 years!"

What does your creative process look like?
"When I’m working in my lab everyday – using mainly raw plant materials – I still feel a connection with nature. My aim is to use it respectfully, and honour that relationship.

When I design a new product, I always first start with the problem that I want to address. I would always prefer to source my ingredients as locally as possible, but unfortunately some just don’t grow well in Europe, so I need to source further afield. However, to become more self-sufficient and produce the quality we are after, we are currently in the process of building our first greenhouses in Portugal."

We’d love to learn more about the crystal marble facial wand.
"The marble stones are rich in quartz, which has piezoelectric abilities (it basically means that they can produce an electrical reaction). This is certainly the reason why crystals have the ability of dispersing negative energy! My brother, Vasco, in Portugal is the Soveral Herb Farmer – and he also makes our marble stones from what would be otherwise discarded from the marble cutters.

The marble itself stays cold at room temperature, which is great for draining excess lymph from the skin. Meanwhile, the shape is designed to easily glide through the contours of the face and get into the hard-to-reach places such as under the cheekbone."

You’ve spoken in the past about how science is used irresponsibly within the skincare industry... Which ingredients should we avoid at all costs?
"We have truly dangerous products on the market – products that give you the quick results of younger, firmer, plumper and smoother skin, at the cost of long-term damage. In my view, this is not skincare. One example is the very popular trend to use fruit acids (or "skin resurfacing") in cleansers and moisturisers. These might give you instantly younger-looking skin, but crucially, they’re also removing your acid mantle that is responsible for protecting the skin from infection. So, long-term use will result in sensitive skin, eczema, acne or rosacea."

Alexandra’s Top Three Skincare Tips
Massage: It’s the best way to bring on elasticity and keep the skin detoxified. Never massage the skin dry however, always use a good facial oil.

Avoid detergents on your face: These are alkaline, over-drying and tend to leave a residue – which we cannot see or feel – that clogs the skin. Oil or lotion-based cleansers are efficient and non-damaging. Needless to say that all skin-resurfacing products are damaging and interfere with your skin’s metabolic functions, such as altering its pH levels.

Moisturise: Dry skin leads to the formation of wrinkles! Oil is great, but it doesn’t have moisture-binding properties. You need to use moisturiser even if you use oil – especially during winter and while the central heating is on.

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