It’s a rare thing that one gets to slide down the tallest sculpture in the UK. A sculpture designed by the dream team that is Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond to commemorate the London Olympics in 2012. The ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture was lovingly dubbed the “helter-skelter” upon completion and it has taken four years to live up to its name, for it has now been turned into world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide. Looping in and out of the iconic red structure, Carsten Höller – the scientist-cum-slide-artist – has designed a twirling curlicue of a slide that looks out across London.

The Orbit is a vast, looming creation that is sprawling and complex when viewed up close. The ascent to the top of the 76-metre-tall viewpoint is a calm affair, the gliding uni-directional force of an elevator lifts you through the sculpture’s underbelly. From the viewing level, sliders adorn safety caps and armbands before a bone-rattling, 40-second descent to the bottom. This looping journey takes place half in darkness and half with a view out across the Olympic Park and beyond. We love that at its most basic level it is a joyous – if slightly terrifying – return to the playgrounds of our youth. (If the playgrounds were designed by world-famous artists and engineers.)

For more information and to purchase tickets visit the ArcelorMittal Orbit page.