From the invention of photography to the selfie-as-art, Tate Modern’s latest multi-artist show Performing for the Camera charts the long relationship between performance, pose and photography. We love this fourteen-room tour of iconic and subversive photography from Yves Klein’s Leap into the Void right up to Amalia Ulman’s Instagram feed, passing via Andy Warhol’s Grace [Jones] being Painted by Keith [Haring] and self-portraits from Robert Mapplethorpe.

Much in the show is playful and candid, like the work of Masahisa Fukase who photographed his wife in different outfits from his window as she left for work every morning, or Magnum photographer Martin Parr who visits independent portrait studios to have his portrait taken. A favourite moment? Without a doubt Hans Eijkelboom’s With My Family. Eijkelboom assumed the position of the father in four different families who he photographed on self-timer while the real fathers were out at work. Cheeky!

For more information on the exhibition, visit the Tate Modern website.