What do a pair of pool slides, a zoomed in close-up of the Adidas stripes and a pixelated image of Victoria Beckham have in common? Not much else than that they comprise some of the images that make up Cory Arcangel’s latest exhibition, currentmood, at Lisson Gallery London. We loved how the show explores the click-bait culture by way of both high and low quality images that are representative of the artist’s personal relationship with the online world; a photo dump that speaks to him and possibly to an audience who use Google image searches more than they would admit.  We particularly loved Uber of Weed, an image of Kanye West on the cover of GQ. It set the tone in demonstrating the celeb-centric, click-obsessed image consumption of our online lives.

Of course, Arcangel made sure to include Hank, a hyper-zoomed photo of a cat with eyes as big as saucers. In Dawgs/Lakes, he applies a ripple-like gradient effect – a vastly popular digital graphic in the 90s that quickly became outdated before being resurrected by internet artists of the world (alongside stretched graphics and pixelation). We loved the seemingly banal and bizarre hodgepodge of images, it was like a mind reading of our internet image histories: Daniel Radcliffe with dogs, Marilyn Manson, cute fuzzy kitten.

currentmood is now on at Lisson Gallery 20 May – 2 July 2016. Find out more at the Lisson Gallery website

Text by Portia Ladrido