How does an international collaboration that's based in London and includes the city's most exciting commercial spaces sound? CONDO is a huge project that sees our very own Arcadia Missa, Carlos/Ishikawa, Chewday's, Project Native Informant, Southard Reid, Rodeo, Supplement and The Sunday Painter provide a series of collaborative exhibitions with galleries from Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Roma, Glasgow, Sao Paulo, Geneva, and Zürich. Participating artists include Ed Fornieles, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Oscar Murillo, Puppies Puppies, Etel Adnan, A.L. Steiner, Pheobe Collings-James and many, many more names besides.

This large-scale, ambitious initiative turns the programme for London's hippest galleries into a biennial format of sorts. Expect an exhibition and you'll be confronted by a bombastic network of some of the world's hottest young artists being displayed alongside one another. Where one gallery may turn over their space to an international counterpart, others may divide their gallery into parts, showcasing their own work with their collaborative partner.

This isn't just a hodgepodge rampage through the works of the art world's next household names. Rather, it's a delicately constructed, carefully curated selection of art that isn't just hot right now – but that is destined to remain hot for a long time to come.  

CONDO is at various London venues until 13 February.