Sustainability in skincare is nothing new, and while the beauty sector hasn’t always been under much scrutiny when it comes to sourcing, there has been a big shift in ensuring responsible packaging at least. It’s also clear that traceability and eco-positivity are continuing to be at the forefront of consumers’ mind and purchasing power. With language like “clean”, “circular” and “climate-friendly” frequently thrown around so often in the beauty sphere, it can be difficult to pinpoint a brand with a genuine focus on sustainably conscious products.

Enter KANKAN! We last focused on them back in 2020 and now they are back with a sexy rebrand and a second release of four new fragranced products. Kankan adopts a holistic approach to waste-free culture, incorporating a reusable pump attachment, transforming the unassuming can into a desirable product that we will take pride of place in our bathrooms.

Packaging isn’t the only thing that makes a product circular, with production methods, harvesting techniques and ingredient sourcing all underpinning their credentials. Partnering with Somerset manufacturers, the product itself uses by-products derived from essential oils and fruit and flower waters, collected directly from their farm in the West Country. You can also rest assured that any toxic or cruel ingredients do not make the cut, as all products are natural and vegan-friendly.

With a delicious new batch of fragrances including two new body cleansers, one a woody and citrusy scent named Harvest, and the other a herby combination of spearmint, sage, and bergamot which tantalised the senses. As well as handwashes infused with a spiced blend of cedar, sweet orange and vetiver and floral, blooming neroli and chamomile, Kankan offers the ultimate eco experience for everyday use.

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By Emily Whitehurst