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Ever struggled to find your perfect scent? Well, Yasmin Sewell the founder of Vyrao, a wellness-inspired perfume brand has the spiritual solution.

We caught up with her as part of our #FemaleFounded series to find out more...


Can you share the inspiration behind Vyrao and what led you to combine energetic healing with perfumery?
I’m trained in a few different forms of energetic healing, and the inspiration came because I wanted to create a brand where the source of it was channelling good energy. First and foremost I wanted to create products that amplify our energetic field. It all started with that.

Your brand places a strong emphasis on using the power of nature and organic, ethically sourced ingredients. How does Vyrao stand out in the sustainable perfume sector?
We’ve worked hard at this and we will continue to do so. Knowing where we are sourcing ingredients, how certain plants are harvested, and how this process can also give back to certain communities. The turmeric that we use in our fragrance Sun Ræ, is farmed and harvested in India, where the entire plant is used in the process, first the ingredient is used for the pharmaceutical and food industry, and we harvest the turmeric leaf and the turmeric root, so nothing goes to waste. It's vast and global and I really enjoy the process.

The concept of scent and its connection to memory and emotions is fascinating. Could you elaborate on how Vyrao fragrances are designed to activate specific emotions and moods?
The first 5 fragrances we created were guided by emotions, where every single plant and flower was chosen for how it makes you feel and their emotional benefits. For the last two fragrances we created, The Sixth and Sun Ræ, we worked with the IFF Science of Wellness Program, on incorporating specific neuro-science-backed ingredients that are proven to trigger the emotions, some people call these neuro scents.

You trained in various methods of holistic well-being, including Reiki and Integrative Quantum Medicine. How have these practices influenced the development of Vyrao's products and brand philosophy?
It all stemmed from that, and I wouldn't have created Vyrao if I hadn't trained in those fields. In everything that we do, from the products we make, the images we take, the colours we use or the collaborators we choose to work with.

As someone also with a background in the fashion industry, as a buyer and creative director, what unique perspective do you bring to the fragrance industry with Vyrao?
I actually helped launch and worked with a few fragrance brands when I was in fashion, I brought Frederic Malle to the UK at Liberty, as well as Escentric Molecules into Browns. I think my understanding of the fashion industry has absolutely helped with the creative vision of the brand. I mean I still think of Vyrao as fashion.

Can you highlight any specific challenges and opportunities you've experienced as an independent female-founded business?
I remember raising money to get it off the ground, I had more than one potential male investor ask me if this was just a “passion project” for me. But on the other hand, I’ve had so much support from incredible people, both male and a lot of powerful female advisors and investors.

For aspiring female entrepreneurs, what advice would you give on building and growing a successful business in the world of wellness and fragrance?
You have to have your own unique point of view and be clear on that vision. It helps greatly if you can articulate it. Then people will listen.

How does perfume continue to inspire you?
I just love making it. The process, the industry, the magic in all those ingredients. It’s the most precious thing I’ve ever done.

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