Maceration. Infusion. Tinctures. Drying. These are not your typical beauty processes expounded by beauty brands. And that's the point. Wilder Botanics is a unique brand in the way it offers a range of products from oils, teas, tinctures, and bath salts, all blended with a knowledge of the roots of naturopathic philosophy using centuries-old techniques.  These processes aim to preserve and extract vital, healing and energetic constituents from their ingredients all to make products that work and heal.

Rachel Landon spent years in the mid-1990s as a model being poked and prodded and made up (and makeup taken off) as a daily occurrence. Completely overwhelmed and living on adrenalin (that eventually caused anxiety and overall health issues because how could it not?), Rachel began to look at her diet and instinctually reflect back to the herbs her mum introduced to her as a child which helped support digestion and sleep.  Getting her degree as a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist kick started nearly two decades of work with private clients, giving her the opportunity to see how there was a real need for a more natural solution for both our inner and outer selves.  Understanding that a reconnection to the wild herbs available to us each season could be possible if someone could expertly package and curate (and explain) these, while focusing on which naturopathic herbal formulas were most needed - well... from this experience Wilder Botanics was created, passing on little seeds of knowledge within each formula.

We asked Rachel to share with us her favourite "must haves" in her own words for us Wilder Botanics newbies: 

Photo Radiance Day Oil: Sencha green tea and Artic Blackcurrant seed C02 oils are super high in protective antioxidants, beta carotene, Vitamins B,C,D & K - naturally brightening and firming the skin, balancing skin tone, providing all day hydration and a glowing healthful complexion.

Goddess Of Protection: We infuse young tips of organic Sencha green tea leaves in golden Grape seed oil for 42 days and then blend this with Sea Buckthorn to create this potent blend of rejuvenating phytonutrients. This synergistic oil breathes new life into skin, especially soothing and regenerating if sun damaged, or dry. Its sensual notes of Bergamot and Vetiver have a natural affinity for the skin , enhancing its vitality.

Radiance Drops: Organic Burdock and Dandelion root, Yellow Dock and Bilberry nourish and support your eliminative organs whilst detoxifying and cleansing from the inside, allowing your skin to glow on the outside. 

Revitalising Flower Essence: This flower essence supports the body emotionally and physically when feeling completely depleted and exhausted promoting renewed energy, clarity and connection to ones self.

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